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Approach Dentistry is a large mixed private and NHS practice based in Hendon, North West London.

Routine Dental Exam

Regular dental exams are a critical part of preventive health care. During a dental exam, the dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. The exam includes evaluating your risk of developing other oral problems and checking your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. A dental exam might also include dental X-rays.

Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygiene is the practice of teeth cleaning. Our Hygienist carries out the treatment as part of your routine dental attendance after an examination has been carried out. Often referred to as polishing or scaling the teeth, a thorough cleaning of your teeth at regular intervals is a great support to maintaining your overall good dental health.

Teeth Whitening

No one wants to feel self-conscious about their teeth. In fact, having bright-white teeth can make you look up to five years younger. With our teeth whitening treatment, a mouth guard-like tray is filled with a peroxide-based bleaching gel or paste and placed over the teeth for one to several hours a day for up to four weeks.

Dental Fillings

A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When a dentist gives you a filling, he or she first removes the decayed tooth material, cleans the affected area, and then fills the cleaned out cavity with a filling material. By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling also helps prevent further decay.

Dental Implants

Approach Dentistry offers implant treatment. A dental implant consists of the implant, which is secured into the bone, and a crown, which is placed directly on top of the implant to perfectly replace the missing tooth. If more then one tooth is missing multiple implants can be placed and a bridge constructed to permanently replace all the missing teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth pulled in adulthood is sometimes necessary. A very common reason involves a tooth that is too badly damaged, from trauma or decay, to be repaired. Our dentists are professionals in tooth extraction and will not extract a tooth unless it really has to. Through experience, our patients feel comfortable throughout the process.


At Approach Dentistry, we are proud to offer this fantastic service to our patients. We use QuickStraightTeeth™, The QuickStraightTeeth™ orthodontic system uses nearly-invisible braces to gently straighten your teeth, and give you that smile you’ve always dreamed of. You will be pleasantly surprised by QuickStraightTeeth™.


This includes straightening your teeth so you're able to care for your teeth and gums easily, and improve your bite so you can eat more comfortably. Treatment involves using braces to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth, and correct the bite so the top and bottom teeth meet when the mouth is closed.

NHS or Private

We offer dental treatment to both NHS and private patients. We are proud of the NHS service we provide. We put our NHS dental patients at the centre of our service and treat them with respect and dignity. Our dental practice offers a range of NHS treatment to members of the public in North West London whether they are working or non-working.
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New patients are always welcome and we always try to see, where possible, emergencies on the day.