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Air Flow Tooth Polishing

Powerful Dental Hygiene Treatment

How does airflow polishing work?

The effective dental hygiene procedure known as Airflow uses a combination of jet water, air, and sodium bicarbonate to thoroughly clean and polish your teeth.

What is the process of airflow polishing?

Your teeth will be exposed to a concentrated burst of water, air, and bicarbonate (often with a lemon flavor) from the Airflow nozzle. You will feel incredibly refreshed after using airflow, which is very effective at cleaning teeth and nooks and crannies.

You will be able to depart with substantially cleaner teeth than you would after a typical hygiene appointment because to the air, water, and bicarbonate solution’s shown ability to remove stubborn stains and plaque.

What advantages can AirFlow offer?

Compared to a standard scale and polish, airflow has many advantages.

It is far more effective at cleaning in the first place.

The jet may reach up to 5 mm into periodontal pockets for more thorough cleaning, in addition to polishing the surfaces of your teeth and removing plaque buildup.

Additionally, using Airflow to remove stains and plaque is significantly faster than using conventional methods.

Actually, airflow might lessen how sensitive your teeth are.

This is because the jet’s bicarbonate can fill any exposed dentine tubules and aid in the remineralization of teeth.

Love having freshly-brushed teeth?

Stains on the front and back of teeth can be successfully removed with the hygiene procedure airflow polishing.

To remove stains brought on by coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, and some mouthwashes, AirFlow Dental Stain Removal uses a fine jet of compressed air, water, and fine powder particles.

The Airflow teeth polishing is a cutting-edge dental cleaning technique that addresses the significant stains brought on by our regular meals and drink. The mouth feels cleaner and fresher than ever after the Airflow teeth polishing.

Simple dental stains brought on by red wine, tea, coffee, and smoking can be eliminated with airflow tooth polishing. Additionally, airflow eliminates dental plaque, preventing the development of biofilm, a habitat for bacteria that can lead to tooth decay.

As an example, Airflow effectively eliminates plaque from orthodontic bands and brackets.

For instance, the regular usage of orthodontic bands and brackets creates plaque and stain-filled crevices that must be cleaned.

Therefore, following treatment with fixed orthodontics, improper cleaning increases the risk of cavities.

The most efficient way to clean around fixed bands and brackets is using airflow polishing.

Bonded and bracketed teeth can have plaque and stains removed with AirFlow.

The procedure is secure and in no way harms the appliance or teeth.

Additionally, Airflow is painless.

Even though this treatment does not involve tooth whitening, it will dramatically brighten teeth. Additionally, airflow instantly offers you a mouth that is noticeably bright, clean, and healthy.

The combined power of air, sodium bicarbonate, and a jet of water is how the Airflow operates.

Prior scaling might be necessary to achieve the best results.

Airflow achieves fantastic outcomes without putting your teeth at risk of damage. With Airflow, all of the plaque and discoloration brought on by dietary habits can be eliminated with just one treatment.

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