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We advise scheduling your child in for a checkup as soon as their first tooth erupts because pediatric dental decay is becoming a more prevalent issue. This will enable your dentist to keep a close watch on how their smile changes as they grow throughout childhood.

Any child who is under the age of 18 or, if they are still enrolled in full-time school, up to the age of 19 is qualified for NHS dental care.

If a clinical need exists, children may also obtain orthodontic treatment through the NHS. On the IOTN, your child will be evaluated (Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need).

The importance of children's teeth

From young infants to adolescents, our dentists enjoy caring for kids. Spending time with your kids to familiarize them to a dental setting and inform them of the value of good oral hygiene is, in our opinion, essential to providing outstanding children’s dentistry.

Because we are aware that going to the doctor can make kids anxious, we have designed a space that will make them feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. Using gentle calming music, educational cartoons and dental props, we guarantee that Children’s dentistry is a relaxing experience for both the kid and the parents.

Do 'milk' or 'baby' teeth really need to be checked?

What is the difference between milk teeth and baby teeth?

Baby teeth, milk teeth, and deciduous teeth are other names for primary teeth. They serve as temporary adult teeth, but they vary in composition, structure, and quantity. Because their enamel is weaker than that of permanent teeth, primary teeth are smaller and appear whiter.

As people mature from infants to adulthood, they all experience tooth loss. While infants are born without teeth, they eventually grow what are known as “milk teeth,” or child’s teeth. Before their adult teeth emerge, these teeth help a child consume solid foods and grind, crush, or tear food just like an adult does.

When a child’s milk teeth begin to erupt, you should first schedule an appointment with a dentist so they can make sure everything is progressing properly. Many people have dental phobias from an early age, so taking a kid to the dentist on a regular basis can help them develop this important habit without feeling anxious.

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